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MARCH 8-15 2020

OUR LAST CRUISE..... Western Caribbean

It was the beginning of hearing that "C" word, this cruise we were on Liberty of the Seas. Our Best friends came with us! We got to Galveston the night before, as we usually do!

TIP: Arrive the day before less stress if your flight gets delayed, you are less likely to miss departure!!

This cruise had a weird start, Royal Caribbean had decided to to a temperature test when arriving at the port with your group. We proceeded to move through the process pretty quickly. We were located off to wait for our boarding time, much different than our usual arrival and walk on. It gave us a much undesired feeling right from the start. We finally get on the boat and continue to our normal routine... Stop at a bar, grab our first drink and begin the exploration of the ship.

TIP: Drink Package is a MUST!! Even if you just have 4-5 drinks in a day it is worth the expense! Royal Caribbean now includes Starbucks in the Deluxe Beverage package! With Royal there is no limit of drinks you can consume and you can have reasonably decent alcohol choices not just well drinks! The drink package price can vary by ship, location etc.. You can also get soda Package, Refreshment package or Deluxe beverage that includes alcoholic beverages! Always use Travel planner to pay for DRINK PACKAGE IN ADVANCE of Debarking!

Our Ports on this cruise

Cozumel Mexico

Our past trip to Cozumel friends went on the Fury Catamaran excursion, and they raved about how great it was. So this time we booked it!! It was great, we started off right off the dock in Cozumel, quick and easy! Boarded the vessel and off we went! 1st stop Snorkeling!! it was a semi cloudy day but it was beautiful. Then off to the beach for Water toys, beach, rum punch and relaxation! Back on the Catamaran for some additional beer or Rum drinks for the ride back!! all and all Great day at the beach for the price!

Grand Cayman - Our friends, went off to visit with people they know who have a condo on the island and we went on an excursion to 7 mile Beach Break. We tendered into the dock whre we met a bus that brought us to the beach! We had an amazing soft beach, Lounge chair front row!! However, no wait staff to bring us drinks, we had to walk to other end of beach chairs to get drinks and it was pretty expensive for drinks. We did however meet an amazing couple from Texas and we are now great friends! Nothing special about this excursion, probably wont go again!

Falmouth Jamaica
It was a dreary rainy day so we decided to hang out on the ship, it was quiet and peaceful. We had the entire adult pool to ourselves for a few hours! We got off the ship and took a stroll around the port shops, got some souvenirs and HOT SAUCE!

Great Jerk chicken right at the Port shops area!!
it was $10pp for chicken, bread, rice and salad!

Now by Wednesday, in America, the NCAA has now cancelled March Madness, MBL has cancelled the rest of spring training, and the world has gone crazy over toilet paper!!!! I actually started stock piling toilet paper from our room everyday to make sure we had some when we went home..

The Captain advised us we would be in port before Saturday at midnight.. and well Friday, the president advised he was shutting down the country. This made for an eary rest of out trip. I had made a comment we should just stay on the ship, seeing we had food, drinks and toilet paper!!

We disembarked as we were supposed to on March 15th and few home.. To the knowledge that we would be working from home and all other cruises had been cancelled. We were the last boat back into the port of Galveston.

Very Sad Our December cruise was cancelled as well, more to come on that adventure in my next post!

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Nothing beats cruise life more then your bffs surprising you on a cruise. Miss

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