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cruise ship on island

Embarkation day

The Day we have been waiting for!!

Getting on the cruise!!

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Embarkation day: Travel Tips

Arrive on time

Tales of a Traveler

Its happened to to many of us!! We are running late.. it happens Always book to arrive to your port the day before!! Add an extra day to your vacation, start a day early! 
This way you are here for Embarkation day! 
What if your flight is delayed or Cancelled, then you miss your cruise!! No one wants that!  Arrive early!
Rent a VRBO, a nice hotel, or cheap Hotel whatever is in your budget!

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Embarkation day: Welcome

Travel Pointers

Expert Guidance - The arrival to the port!

Getting to the Port

Make sure you have your travel planned, Car service, Uber scheduled, or Parking at Port prepaid.


The porters are the people who take your bags, give your bags to them, except a Carryon with important items you can't live without for day and valuables!

TIP YOUR PORTER!! At least $1 per bag!

Carry on Bag!

This is so important, all medication, items you need for the day.  Your luggage wont be accessible until at least 4pm.  So make sure your valuables are in your carry on.
TIP #1 Wine you are allowed 1 per person pack it in your carryon.  
TIP #2 Swim suit so you can enjoy the pools Day 1!!!

Embarkation day: Travel Tips

Items to help!

Its the little things!

Travel wallet Organizer

Passport holder!

Luggage Tags!

travel wallet.JPG
luggage tags.JPG

Organization is Key

This item helps keep key items all in one place for travel days and easy to store in the safe when arriving on ship to keep items safe!
Money, credit cards, tickets, boarding documents and even passports up to 4!

Exceeding Expectations

You will need specific items on the check in process! This helps to keep Passport and Vaccine records in one location! And all together in one handy place! Organization is key on Embarking day!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

These small items can help to make sure your luggage makes it onboard! fold your luggage pre printed tags - slide them into onto your luggage tage holders!

Embarkation day: Services
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