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What do we need to pack?: Image

What do we need to pack?

Consider a few items;

  • How long will you be there?

  • Location and temperature?

  • Any special needed?

  • Medications and health items?

What do we need to pack?: Text

How long will you be there?

Decide including departure and arrival days

This is Key when planning don't pack for a month when you will only be there 7 days!

Bring items for each day planned out on your bed. 

Outfits that mix and march are ideal! 

8 items can get you through a week! 

It can give you 15 outfits!


White tank

Black Tank

White Capris

1 2 piece shirt skirt combo

1 strapless maxi dress

short strapless dress

1 pair shorts

 You can  mix and match these and boom easy packing! 

What do we need to pack?: Text

Location and temperature?

Always check your location for estimated temperature!! 

It is hard to not over pack for cold destinations but be practical about it! 

Layering up on departure day can help you have additional items without adding weight to your suitcase!

Wear a Tank top, Button up Shirt and Jacket with Large silk scarf, saves on luggage and adds options to layer with in cooler climate!

Warm location.. Always remember to pack a swimsuit in your personal carry on! so you can get right to the Fun! 

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Special items

You know the items you just can't live without!!

If you use them every day at home....  These are the items I am referring to!!
Your Glasses
Your phone
Your ipad
Hair and make up items
the list goes on and on... 
One major thing to think about remember to only take items you will use!
Just because you watch your TV everyday doesn't mean you need to pack the whole house!!

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Medications and health items?

These are so important.. should be at top of this list!!
Put these items in your Carry on!!

Always take medications in the bottles they come in. 
Always make sure you have enough for longer than your stay. 
Always carry them on you! in your purse or backpack!
Do you need a sleep apnea machine or oxygen tank?? Make sure you have them in your carryon!!!!

What do we need to pack?: Text

Motion sickness!!

Lets talk about it!

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Motion sickness! I carry a medicine bag with me every trip. Its so expensive to pay for medicine abroad, and it might not be the same as you are used to! So buy them in advance and have them with! 

Better to be safe than sorry!

no mo nausea.JPG


These little gems are easy to wear, put them on your wrists.  They come in 2 sizes small and large.

They also come in fun colors!

TIP - They also help with Hangovers!



Same concept different pressure point.  These you apply behind your ear, they stick on. 
Easy to wear they last up to 72hrs. So make sureyou have enough and buy before you go!



We have the old fashion type of motion sickness assistance. Take them once a day these are 24hr. 

they also have child version as well. 

TIP - These are also great for Hangovers!

What do we need to pack?: Travel Tips
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