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Great items to help!

Traveling on a cruise you need to have amazing organization.

Things you need to know before you go!

I feel that loosing your luggage and items is a scary part of travel.  I use the Apple Airtags to help me from loosing my most important items, luggage, keys, or your passport! Keep an eye on them with these, Click Below!

Great items to help!: Travel Tips


These are my personal favorite!

I love love love these! 

They are easy to keep track of items, keep yourself organized.

If you are like me and you unpack your suitcase when you get to your destination, they are so great! 5 minutes to unpack the suitcase!

You can pack by items or pack by days!! Whatever works for you. 

Great items to help!: Welcome

Its the little things.....

Magnetic hooks...

Cruising you may not know this but each cabin is an individual little metal box.
So in order for you to get some additional organizational space... These great little magnetic hooks are amazing, hang a wet swimsuit, a towel, or hang other items, decorations, clothes etc.. 
Store them in a Plastic bag, or a small plastic container for travel.

Great items to help!: Welcome

Hooks again... with help...

This seems so silly but a cheap Shoe organizer can be so helpful along with those hooks.. attach it to the door with what it comes with or with hooks on the wall..
Perfect place for sunscreen, sunglasses, kids toys, health and beauty items!  
It is amazing how much it can help, those bathrooms are so small this can be a life saver for organization!

shoe storage.JPG
Great items to help!: Image

Beach items
Making your life easier!

Vacationing should never be hard!

towel clips.JPG

Towel clips!

Item Subtitle

Ships are cruising along and towels can fly off the moving boats! These come in handy.  I have purchased the ones you get for $5 and you get what you pay for these are great for on the ship or on the beach on an excursion day at the beach!

beach bag.JPG

Collapsible Beach Bag

Item Subtitle

Great bag that can be easily packed in your suitcase! Holds a lot of items, towels, sunscreen, filp flops and your book!  You can use it for the pool or excursion days! Also handy if you need an extra bag to pack all your souvenirs you purchased on vaca, and bring it as a carry on item!

phone cases.JPG

Waterproof Phone Case

Also helps with sand

These waterproof colorful cases are great for any vacation water or snow!! 
They hold your phone so it is free from the elements; sand, water, snow! you can still take photos and use your phone but no damage!! Love these!

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Lets talk about the REAL STUFF

Laundry bags 2.JPG

Organize the Dirty clothes!

laundry bags.JPG

One for Whites and one for Darks!

Keep them in the closet or in the corner on hooks! Either way I also have them for when I get home easy to throw in darks right away no sorting just dump them in! 


These are great! Easy to fit in the suitcase and keeps the mess under control in your cabin! Lets face it cruise cabins aren't big so organization is key! 
Take 2 of your hooks we discussed ealier and hook these on the wall hang them up!

Great items to help!: Travel Tips
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