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It's official we are booked for my Birthday Cruise!!

So it has been over 2 years since I have been on a SHIP!
And recently the CDC has dropped there requirements for Cruise lines, so I am taking advantage of that!
My Birthday is coming up and this is what we do, spend quality time on cruises, no internet, no work, just us the waves and the adventure!
We will be arriving to Galveston 2 days early because with the flight situation it has been I wwould rather be safe than sorry! I do not want to miss my ship!
We have already been on this ship, actually this exact ship and itinerary was our very last cruise in March of 2020!
Now the fun begins the planning!
We have booked the flights for Friday!

TIP - Always come in at least the day before!! Just incase of a flight delay or cancelation!

Now the fun begins!

We have booked the Beverage package we enjoy! Which is the Deluxe Drink package. It has went down $5 a day since we booked our cruise. so we have purchased it.
TIP - If you see it at a lower price you just need to call and they will give it to you for the lower price!

We also enjoy the Dining Package!

This is so you can enjoy the specialty restaurants without and extra charge. And Bonus you don't have to get formal on formal nights unless you want too!

Depending on the ship you are on there are multiple levels of the dining package!
these are a few on ours!

We are only starting to look at excursions but we are getting there!
More to come on that!

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